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Meet Dr. Cem Özlük MD., your doctor specializing in urology, genital aesthetics and sexual therapy. Take a step towards a healthy and happy life again. Rediscover yourself with our treatments.

Genital Aesthetics

Support your natural beauty and increase your self-confidence: Rediscover yourself with genital aesthetics.

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Professional support for a satisfying sex life: Start overcoming sexual problems.


Reliable care for a healthy life: Meet your urology specialist and step into a healthy life.

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Dr. Cem Özlük MD.

In 2006, he graduated from Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine. He has expertise in many fields such as Urology, Genital Area Aesthetics, Sexual Therapy, Penis Surgery, Sexology. He has received specialization and training in many countries, including Europe, in his areas of expertise. Later, he has performed and supported complicated surgeries in many countries.The most important cases of these are pediatric urology, adult urology, kidney surgeries, male and female genital area aesthetics (such as penis enlargement, penis surgery, vaginal tightening), reproductive tract diseases, sexual problems.
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Penis Enlargement and Thickening
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Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty
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Sexual Dysfunction Treatment
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Nowadays, when it comes to penis enlargement, we have different alternative options.
Various studies have proven that this surgery has positive effects on men.
Vaginoplasty improves the appearance of a woman's vaginal area by changing the shape and size of the vagina.
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