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Premature Ejaculation

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The problem of premature ejaculation is solved by appropriate treatment. So, what kind of questions do our patients ask about the problems they experience in this area?

Every detail you are wondering about is given…

What is Premature Ejaculation?

First, before giving information about this problem, we will explain what it is. So, what is premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation is when a person ejaculates before reaching his/her goal without being completely satisfied. In this case, sexual inadequacy and sexual dissatisfaction occur. In general, we can say that premature ejaculation is one of the 39% sexual problems.

This problem can be solved with the right treatment method. Sexual problems can be eliminated at the right time and with the right treatments. We can also say that 99% of our patients experience this problem psychologically. If the necessary treatment is not given, the unhappy and restless atmosphere that arises will make it difficult for the person to solve this problem. To prevent this, we intervene in our patients as necessary. We are making the necessary intervention to eliminate the greatest fear. Many of our patients who have ejaculation problems also experience sexual reluctance and erectile dysfunction.

The stages of the ejaculation problem are examined with expert staff and a successful clinic. Afterwards, there are problems that may be caused by psychological factors. With detailed sessions and therapy, they will be able to control themselves during sexual intercourse and have a harmonious sexual relationship with their partner.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation Problem

Generally, the most important reason for premature ejaculation is psychological. It is possible for a person to adapt himself to this and psychologically trigger this type of ejaculation by simply concentrating on it. We conclude that premature ejaculation, which is among the sexual problems for our patients, is often due to psychological reasons. Of course, what is necessary for treatment is done.

Mostly, if there is erectile dysfunction in the penis, ejaculation is triggered to occur sooner than expected. Additionally, the person’s thought of being unable to have sexual intercourse can lead to erection problems. For a man with this problem of erection, worrying about not losing the erection and not losing the erection during sexual intercourse may be the cause of ejaculation. It is thought that it is necessary for the man to experience a second erection afterwards.

Who Gets Premature Ejaculation?

Experiencing ejaculation problems mostly increases in the 40-50 age group. When looked at, men may ejaculate more quickly as they get older. After the first ejaculation time is short, after the second erection, the ejaculation time may extend up to half an hour.

Advancing age

Generally, increasing age can be effective in the onset of ejaculation problems. We can say that when our patients apply for this reason, the treatment stages are followed, taking into account the age factor.

Premature Ejaculation at a Young Age

Although it is generally concluded that ejaculation time shortens after the age of 40, we can say that our patients receive help in these areas after the age of 25. Of course, research is being conducted on this issue to indicate that the problem may be physiological or psychological. After the examinations, the treatment is determined by determining how long the required ejaculation time should be.

What is Premature Ejaculation Period?

What is the period of premature ejaculation in sexual life? How long should normal sex last? According to research, the diagnosis made by the International Association of Sexual Medicine (Çetad) is defined as ejaculation occurring within 1 minute before and after vaginal penetration.

premature ejaculation between 60 and 90 seconds;

If the person ejaculates within this specified range, it means that there is premature ejaculation. Especially in this case, treatment is absolutely necessary. Outside of this period, the important thing is that the ejaculation time does not satisfy the couple. In such a case, the couple needs to get help. The average ejaculation time in the world is 5.4 minutes. However, ejaculation time varies between 50 seconds and 44 minutes.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Among the issues that our patients are most curious about is the question of whether premature ejaculation can be treated. This problem definitely needs to be solved, especially for people who do not experience sexual satisfaction. Of course, there are advanced techniques to solve the medical problem you are experiencing. By applying these techniques, this problem experienced by the person can be eliminated.

Treatment is possible by reducing the sensitivity in the area by filling the penis head under local anesthesia. At the same time, we reach an effective solution in a much shorter time by taking our patients to sexual therapy sessions.

The fact that ejaculation is psychological actually eliminates the problem by eliminating stress and tension. There are advanced therapies and techniques for this. Especially by applying these techniques, it is aimed to make the person feel comfortable during sexual intercourse. In addition, it is extremely important to regularly continue the therapies required to solve the problem.

Confidentiality in Ejaculation Treatment

Generally, ejaculation treatment has received a lot of attention lately. We apply a confidentiality policy for our patients who apply to us with short ejaculation time. All kinds of information are kept confidential by our general staff, and no attempt is made to disturb your confidentiality.

Thanks to the confidentiality principle, which allows people to be more courageous about treatment, it becomes easier to accept treatment and find a solution. Especially since we know this, we are careful to act as our patients demand.

Known Mistakes in Ejaculation Treatment

The most definitive and correct solution is the treatment method offered by doctors who are experts in this field. However, there are many misconceptions about ejaculation treatment that our patients know. You should get information about getting treatment, especially without relying on all of these.

Here are the common misconceptions:

  • Solving the ejaculation problem by drinking alcohol
  • Using too much retarder
  • Using condoms over and over again
  • Lots of masturbation
  • Using numbing cream and gel
  • Various hormone pills, injections, etc.

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