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Prophet circumcision, which doubled from the 1970s to the 1990s, is a problem known as hypospadias. This problem, which is perceived as a good thing by the public, but indicates that the child has a congenital problem in the reproductive and excretory system, is not a pleasant situation. The urinary hole can cause many problems since it is located on or under the shaft of the penis. It is seen in one in every two hundred children.

Types of Hypospadias

Hypospadias, which has many different types, can be seen in different forms as glanular, coronal, subcoronal, midshaft, penoscrotal, scrotal and perineal. Hypospadias, which has no treatment other than surgery, is treated to restore the normal functions of the penis. In operations where we create a normal penis, we perform the operation by applying general anesthesia to our diagnosed patients. Patients with this diagnosis should never be circumcised.

What to Know About Hypospadias Surgery

Sometimes hypospadias surgery requires several operations to be performed at the same time and may require several operations. The foreskin can sometimes come in handy. Therefore, every child should be examined by a urologist before attempting to have him circumcised. We have the following goals in surgery:

  • Urethroplasty operation to place the urinary hole where it should be
  • Obtaining a straight penis with otoplasty
  • Obtaining an aesthetically normal looking penis

The operation takes 1 to 2.5 hours under general anesthesia. As we said before, sometimes two operations may be required. Therefore, there are many details that need to be taken into consideration in severe cases. The child is discharged on the evening of the operation day or the next day. In some cases, the patient may need to be hospitalized for 7 days. Painkillers may be used for the first 2 days, and antibiotics may be needed if necessary. Sometimes a cream may also be prescribed.

The catheter inserted into the patients we operate on is removed after a week. We follow our patient, who recovered at the end of this period, for two years. It is extremely important not to miss check-ups every 3 months. Hypospadias is a surgery that may also have complications. Therefore, it is important to act knowing the risks.

Hypospadias Complications

These operations are performed extremely successfully due to modern anesthesia techniques and successful results in the field of surgery. Like every operation, hypospadias surgery has various risks. We can list the most common complications as follows.

  • Fistula is one of the most common surgical complications. Urine leaks bother many people and lead to surgical closure of the hole.
  • Narrowing of the new hole is also among the common problems. In some cases, surgery is required, and in others, dilation is sufficient.
  • Very rarely, the urinary tract is completely opened and surgery may be required.
  • Penile curvatures and poor skin healing are among the scar-related problems.

When should the operation be performed?

The baby can undergo hypospadias surgery from the age of 3 months. It is extremely important for children’s psychology that the operation be performed until the age of 3, when they become aware of their sexual identity. Since it is a congenital disease, the formation of the foreskin may be affected. Mothers may notice this condition in their babies. And it is extremely important to go to a urologist for an examination as soon as it is noticed.

Families of Children Circumcised at Birth Should Be Careful

Many children who are known to be circumcised from birth also experience hormonal disorders. Although this situation is risky, it can also be fatal. Cases resulting in death have been reported when water and salt loss occurs in the body. In the following years, problems may occur that make it difficult to have children. Men who experience standing urination problems, urinary problems and similar problems should have surgery before they get older (in infancy).

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