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Vaginismus is the name given to the inability of sexual intercourse to occur as a result of involuntary contraction of the muscles at the entrance of the vagina. Sexuality is one of the most important topics in our lives and a need. Sexual tendencies, which are a necessity of reproduction and an expression of our humanity, vary according to cultures, but they should not disturb the person for any reason, should not be a painful process and should not be a source of stress. Sexual problems are often of psychological origin, but it is a condition that needs to be treated, especially in women, due to the effect of physiological problems.

Vaginismus, which is classified by physicians as “sexual dysfunction”, “painful sexual intercourse” or “sexual phobic reaction (fear of sexual intercourse)”, occurs when the pelvic muscles contract involuntarily and make sexual intercourse painful and difficult.

Observing Symptoms

Fear of sexuality is not normal, it is part of a problematic process. If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, it is recommended that you consult a specialist physician.

– Not allowing penile penetration, even if initiation of sexual intercourse is allowed.

– Fear or dread at the thought of sexual intercourse.

– Sexual intercourse is a painful and painful process.

– A feeling of the vagina being closed during intercourse or the presence of an imaginary wall at the entrance to the vagina.

Vaginismus is a disease and can be treated.

We have seen in many of the female clients who visit our clinic that there is a misconception that a painful sex life and stressful sexual encounters are normal. Just as a problem with our hands, arms, face or even internal organs can be called a disease, so problems with sexual intercourse are both psychological and physiological disorders. If problems with sexual intercourse are recognized as a disease, it is easier to access treatment and solutions can be found.

73% of Women Applying to Psychiatry Clinic Complain of Vaginusmus

Vaginismus is one of the most consulted issues worldwide. Non-medical views are common, such as feeling as if it is only happening to them, the misconception that the problem is caused by their own personal problems, the tendency to look for something missing in themselves, or the tendency to be driven by their partner or spouse. Scientific studies on vaginismus show that 17% of women living in our country have encountered a sexual problem at any time in their lives and have been diagnosed with vaginismus.

According to Research, Vaginismus has no common denominator between education and profession.

Sexual problems and vaginismus affect a wide range of people, from highly academic women to women who have never had an academic education. As a result of the interviews with women who come to our clinics, vaginismus complaints are seen in women from all walks of life, from illiterate women to women with university degrees; from housewives to women working in managerial positions.

Vaginismus is not just psychological, there are physical obstacles.

Fear of sexual intercourse, complaints, inability to have intercourse, and vaginismus, in which the person is often afraid of even being touched, do not occur only due to psychological reasons. Research shows that vaginismus prevents sexual intercourse or causes excruciating pain as a result of involuntary contraction of the pelvic muscles. Girls who grow up in families where sexual intercourse is intimidated from a young age and where taking pleasure from sexual intercourse is considered shameful within the framework of moral and religious understandings, hesitate to have sexual intercourse with their partners in the future. This is the psychological dimension of vaginismus, but reducing this disorder to cultural reasons alone disrupts the treatment.

Vaginismus can occur for purely physical reasons such as urinary tract infection, fungus, endometriosis, pelvic cancer, cyst, vulvadinia, menopause and hormonal changes, insufficient vaginal wetness, vaginal dryness, pelvic surgery, difficult vaginal examination, hymen thick and high sided, closed hymen, small and large lip disorders, vaginal septa (curtain inside the vagina). At this point, simply seeking psychological support or engaging in a broad dialog with one’s partner will be insufficient. These physical conditions must be determined by a specialist physician and her team, they must be examined separately for each topic, and the necessary operation or treatment must be performed. Painful sexual intercourse situations should be shared with the physician and treated by a specialist team.

Our Concept of Treatment

Vaginismus is one of the most common issues for which female patients consult physicians around the world. Vaginusmus, which is based on both psychological and physiological causes, can be resolved with the understanding of the correct causes and physician support.

Sexual intercourse can be experienced with two people, and it is wrong to look for the solution to the problem in a single person. Sexuality is the whole of a person’s spiritual and physical satisfaction. It is not only a physical activity, but also a process of steps that require meeting the psychological needs of the person. At this point, dialogue with the partner is vital. Almost all women who cannot convey their needs to their partners have sexual complaints.

Treatment is Possible Even in a Single Session

Vaginismus is a disorder that is extremely easy to treat when the person’s emotional and physical needs are identified. After a detailed dialog with the person, it is possible to achieve highly satisfactory results with the support of the partner after a session in which physical ailments, if any, are treated and psychologically supported.

Your Dialog Process is Supported by Our Team

Each person and a couple has their own needs. A uniform, traditional, conventional, general treatment approach is not available in our clinic. Experts say that the biggest step in the treatment of vaginusmus is the development of dialogue between spouses, and that the responsibility of making women feel comfortable about sexual intercourse and psychologically safe should be given to partners. He adds that during this period, spouses who cannot have sexual intercourse, any accusatory behavior or possible tension may lead the disorder to a dead end, and women suffering from vaginismus will be denied recovery in the face of these attitudes. A special process is determined for each couple and person, and the treatment process is supported by psychologists who are experts in their field. During this time, it is of great importance that your partner is also included in the treatment, and both as a couple and individually, with medical support, the sexual dialogue of the couple becomes healthy.

All Stages Are Observed During the Accommodation Process

After the initiation of the treatment process, our specialist physicians determine what needs to be done between the couples item by item and, if deemed necessary, a long-term treatment program with accommodation is applied. In this process, the person’s physical problems are treated and the necessary psychological support is provided, and recovery is achieved through day-to-day communication with the person.

Working with Female Physicians

In the treatment, where a team of physicians who are experts in their field will follow all the healing processes, special attention is paid to the number and quality of our female physicians. Your freedom to work with female physicians among our physicians who will provide both psychological and physiological treatments is reserved at every stage. Vaginusmus is not incurable with dialog between partners and the help of a specialist physician. Our psychologies determine our sexual functions, and existing physical disorders can be overcome with medical support. The important thing is to be able to easily discuss our fears with experts and our partners, not to hesitate, and to be free from our social fears.


Nowadays, where the understanding of medicine has become extremely modern, talking about sexual problems, discussing them and asking for help is a very human reflex. A happy sexual life is not a luxury, it is a necessity. All sexual problems can be treated and prevented again throughout a person’s lifetime. Having sexual problems is as natural and as common as having the flu. Our team works urgently today to support dozens of women and achieve successful results.

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