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Wetting Problems

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Vagina is a perfectly designed organ found in every woman. Wetting problems are the emergence of the problem also known as dryness. When looked at, the vagina is a highly functional organ. It may expand laterally and longitudinally during birth or sexual intercourse. Structurally, there is a longitudinal stretch in the shape of the letter S. Transversely, there is a stretch in the shape of the letter H. During birth, this area can grow between 50 and 52 centimeters.

Vagina types are described in different ways. The jagged structure of the vaginal wall helps increase pleasure. Pleasure increases during penile passage. The glands located just at the entrance of the vagina provide wetting. Bartholin glands located at the entrance are located on the right and left sides, just below the entrance. Bartholin glands spread along the vestibule. In this case, wetting will increase while entering the vaginal area. We can say that these glands are extremely important for women in terms of preventing irritation and injuries.

What Causes Wetting Problem?

In the absence of sexual intercourse or during masturbation, wetting problems may occur. In this case, it is caused by the problem in the glands. We can say that our patients often experience this wetting problem during menopause. A significant difference in the amount of fluid may cause the problem of vaginal dryness during menopause.

Due to the increase in milk hormone in the vagina after birth, there may be a decrease in the hormones secreted in the glands. In other words, wetting problems may occur after birth. We can say that our patients visit us much more for these two reasons. First, we do the reviews. We ensure that the solution is developed through the technique that will be the best solution for the problem whose causes you have determined.

  • Birth
  • Menopause
  • Side effects of some medications
  • Psychological problems
  • Problems with sexual arousal
  • States of reluctance

Reasons such as these are shown among the causes of vaginal dryness. When using medication, you can make your choice based on its side effects. If you have such a problem, it is recommended that you do not trigger this situation with the medications you use. Excessive stress can also cause vaginal dryness. If the flora is disrupted, the glands may cause problems. Excessive use of products such as suppositories and tampons taken into the vagina is shown to be one of the causes of vaginal dryness. I ensure that our patients act in a way that eliminates these situations. In this way, the dryness problem is eliminated.

Vaginal Dryness Treatment

Our patients wonder whether there is a solution to the problem. For a healthy sexual life, women must have an epidemic in their vaginal glands. Of course, this problem can be eliminated with developed medical methods.

Prolactin hormone;

Surgical interventions are possible regarding dryness caused by hormones. The definitive solution to this situation, which negatively affects the sexual life of our patients, is surgical interventions.

Cause of infection;

The cause of the establishment may also be infection. In this case, treatment will be achieved by eliminating the infection. Dryness will be eliminated in this way.

Vulvar Vestibule;

The given syndrome can cause dryness. This dryness will be eliminated through surgery, which is among the treatment methods for vaginal dryness. With the intervention we make on the glands, we eliminate the problem of vaginal dryness.

Apart from these reasons, dryness may also occur in situations such as sexual reluctance and communication problems. What needs to be done for these is sexual therapy applications to eliminate the dryness problem. The problem of vaginal dryness, which will negatively affect daily life, can be eliminated in a short time if you request treatment.

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