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Penis Lengthening Surgery with Pubis Liposuction

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Penis lengthening surgery with pubic liposuction is a treatment we apply to our male patients who do not have the ideal penis size. Penis length is one of the important issues when having sexual intercourse. The length of an erect penis can vary between 11 cm and 13 cm on average. Therefore, it is possible to intervene in penis sizes shorter than this ratio with some aesthetic applications.

With the development of modern medicine, applications such as penis lengthening surgery are now successfully performed. Thanks to this treatment we apply in our clinic, it will be possible for the penis length to reach the ideal level.

What is Penis Lengthening Surgery with Pubis Liposuction?

The main genital aesthetic applications developed for men are techniques that increase penis length. These treatments, based on normal penis sizes, can also improve the patient’s sexual life. In order to satisfy the partner during sexual intercourse, the penis length and thickness must be ideal.

Penis lengthening surgery is among the most successful penis enlargement methods performed by liposuction method. Considering that the average penis length should be 11-13 cm, it is quite possible to achieve this ratio by injecting fat tissue.

In addition to other methods that claim to be penis enlargement, the penis lengthening technique with pubic liposuction is always considered the most successful application. This technique, which is applied by injecting fat tissues taken from the pubic area into the penis, is one of the most successful genital aesthetic treatments we provide in our clinic.

How is Pubis Liposuction Penis Lengthening Surgery Performed?

Fat injection technique has an important place among penis thickening and enlargement methods. Penis lengthening surgery, one of the most popular applications of recent years, is performed together with liposuction.

In this technique, the patient must first undergo a general preliminary examination. Our patients who do not have the ideal penis length can start the treatment process by applying to our clinic. As a result of our preliminary examinations, if the patient’s general health condition is appropriate, a treatment plan is created accordingly. In such genital aesthetic applications, it may be necessary to create a personalized treatment plan.

In the liposuction technique applied for penis enlargement and lengthening, general anesthesia may be applied to the patient. However, in such applications, local anesthesia or sedation techniques are generally preferred. It is not possible for the patient to feel any pain or discomfort during pubis liposuction and fat injection.

Generally, penis lengthening surgery with pubic liposuction is an intervention that takes 1-2 hours. Fat tissues taken from the pubic area are injected into the penis to lengthen the penis. Anesthesia precautions are taken to ensure the comfort of the patient throughout this process.

In Which Situations Can Penis Lengthening Surgery Be Applied?

Fat injection, a non-surgical penis enlargement technique, is one of the treatments we apply to our adult patients. This type of genital aesthetic applications is generally applied in the following cases:

  • If the penis is not of ideal size due to hormonal irregularities
  • In case of damage to the penis due to prostate surgery and similar operations
  • If the penis is not of ideal size due to congenital reasons
  • If the penis does not develop as it should due to chromosomal disorders

We can apply penis lengthening treatments to our patients who apply to our clinic in the above-mentioned cases. Of course, we also state that our patients who apply to our clinic for genital aesthetic procedures must be adults. We do not perform genital aesthetic operations on people under the age of 18 who do not require a life-threatening situation.

Can Penis Length Be Achieved with Medications?

There are many medicines and cream-derived products that are used to increase penis size. Especially in research conducted on the internet, the rate of encountering such drugs is quite high. If the penis length in question is not at the ideal level, it is definitely recommended that you consult a specialist.

Unfortunately, medication or herbal products do not have the ability to intervene in the anatomy of the penis. Many products claiming to enlarge the penis contain substances that negatively affect human health. Therefore, it would be more beneficial for you to come to our clinic and get an expert opinion instead of such products.

There are some recommendations that you must follow after the surgery. There are some risk factors that may occur in genital aesthetic operations. It is quite normal for the patient to experience redness and edema in the area where the fatty tissue was removed after the surgery. All of these will disappear approximately one week after the operation.

Likewise, redness and slight swelling may occur in the penis area where fat injection was made. These are all temporary effects that occur after the operation. If you feel pain in the area where liposuction was performed or in the penis, it is also possible to use the painkillers we recommend. If the pain or feeling of pain seems unbearable, then you can come to our clinic immediately and explain your situation to us.

It is recommended that you do not have sexual intercourse for the first few weeks after the operation. This period is determined as minimum 2 and maximum 6 weeks. At the same time, it would be a healthier step to take a break from active sports life for 1-3 weeks.

It is not possible to expect immediate effects from penis lengthening with pubic liposuction. As with every aesthetic application, this intervention requires a certain amount of time to see the full effect. It is important that you follow the advice we have given you in order to see the effects of the operation.

The results provided by genital aesthetic operations are directly proportional to the patient’s anatomy. The success rate of penis lengthening operation is quite high. However, this is also related to how the patient takes care of himself during the recovery period after the operation. It is very important for people who want the results of the applications to be successful to fully comply with the recommendations.

Penis lengthening surgery is an intervention that can be successful with massage and exercises after the operation. After the healing process, an increase in penis size ranging from 2 to 4 cm is possible.

It is not possible to give clear price information for penis lengthening surgery at first. Price information can be obtained after creating a treatment plan suitable for each patient as a result of the physical examination. This is true not only for penis lengthening but also for all other medical applications.

If you want to get more information about our genital aesthetic applications, you can visit our clinic whenever you want. You can also reach us through our contact page or Instagram account. You can also follow my posts on penis lengthening with pubic liposuction on my Instagram page.

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