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Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a treatment that means the renewal of the vagina with laser technique. It is quite possible to see sagging in the vagina over the years. It is possible for sagging and deformations to occur in the vagina due to decreasing collagen with age, the effects of menopause and the effects of having a normal birth. This is the normal progression of nature, seen in almost every woman.

Thanks to vaginal rejuvenation, it is possible to achieve the “ideal vagina” appearance. Thanks to this non-surgical technique we apply in our clinic, it is possible to rejuvenate the vagina and completely eliminate deformations.

What Should the Ideal Vagina Be Like?

When talking about laser vaginal rejuvenation, it is necessary to mention what the ideal vagina should look like. The ideal vaginal appearance is actually a situation that affects sexual life. Having a tight enough vagina and being able to grasp the penis well ensures that the person does not have any problems during sexual intercourse. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent sagging that occurs due to normal births or during menopause.

It is aimed to return the vagina to its ideal appearance by applying techniques also known as laser vaginal tightening procedures. Thanks to the innovative steps taken in genital aesthetics in recent years, the muscle and connective tissue in the genital area is tightened. Thus, it is aimed for women to have a tighter and less deformed vaginal appearance, even in their older ages.

We make our female patients feel more self-confident with the laser vaginal rejuvenation procedures we perform in our clinic.

What is Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The real name of these techniques, which are also referred to as uterine rejuvenation by some, is vaginal rejuvenation. Laser treatment applied to the external genital area eliminates vaginal dryness and gives the vagina a tighter appearance. With the vaginal laser technique, it is possible to aesthetically improve the appearance of the vagina without any surgical intervention.

Nowadays, many women prefer laser methods instead of vaginal rejuvenation surgery. If the problems continue and the appearance of the vagina does not satisfy the patient, then it is also possible to perform surgical interventions.

How is Vaginal Rejuvenation Performed with Laser?

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a method that causes thermal damage to the vaginal tissue, allowing the tissue to produce collagen. Collagen is one of the most important proteins that ensure the renewal and tightening of human tissue. Unfortunately, collagen, which is already present in the human body, is not produced after a certain age. Therefore, it is necessary to support the body’s collagen production with external interventions.

The main purpose of laser vaginal rejuvenation is to increase collagen production to make the vagina look more renewed. Laser beams, which are preferred for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation, ensure the recovery of sagging skin tissue in the genital area. Thanks to this method applied in a few sessions, it is quite possible to have a more collected and tight vaginal appearance.

Our female patients who apply to our clinic for vaginal rejuvenation must first undergo a preliminary examination. In this process, we need to determine what kind of interventions our patient’s vaginal tissue needs. Afterwards, if our patient’s general health condition is suitable, it is sufficient to create a plan for the laser treatment method.

In Which Situations Is Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Applied?

Laser treatment applied to the vagina may be needed in many cases. Laser, which generally ranks first among rejuvenation techniques, is ideal for correcting tissue sagging. However, it is also known that vaginal laser treatment is applied in cases such as urinary incontinence.

Laser treatment is one of the most effective methods to increase sexual pleasure. It is also possible to eliminate vaginal dryness and cure vaginal fungal infections with laser.

Laser, one of the most common treatment methods today, is preferred because it is a non-surgical treatment. In the field of genital aesthetics, laser treatment is recommended in many cases that do not require surgical intervention. For example, it is possible to use the laser technique in genital whitening, perineal tightening and HPV genital wart treatments.

Among many vaginal rejuvenation interventions that can come to mind, laser is preferred. Thanks to the laser treatments we apply in our clinic, the aesthetic and physiological concerns of our patients in the vaginal area are successfully resolved.

After Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

There is absolutely no need to apply general anesthesia in laser vaginal rejuvenation procedures. In some cases, anesthesia creams can be used to prevent patients from feeling pain. Moreover, there is no need to keep the patient under observation after the laser session. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can resume her normal daily life.

Laser application can usually take 15 – 20 minutes. It is recommended not to have sexual intercourse for 1 week after the session to avoid any complications. It is also quite normal for redness and slight swelling to occur in the vaginal area immediately after the application. It is also normal to experience a slightly pink vaginal discharge for a week after the procedure.

If you encounter any unexpected effects after laser application, it is recommended that you contact our clinic immediately. Laser, which is the vaginal rejuvenation application with the lowest risk rate, is also satisfactory in terms of patient satisfaction.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation technique is one of the most common methods used to make the vagina look more aesthetically pleasing. Laser technique, which has been a popular application in recent years, is frequently preferred in the field of genital aesthetics. In fact, aesthetic applications previously performed by surgical methods have now been replaced by laser.

If the patient’s vaginal rejuvenation demands can be met with the laser technique, then there is absolutely no need for surgery. The speed of recovery and return to normal daily life after laser treatment is also quite high. However, in some cases, we may need to offer our patients a treatment with surgical methods. Therefore, it is possible to decide which technique will be applied in genital rejuvenation after a preliminary examination.

When it comes to lifting sagging muscle and connective tissues with laser, we can say that this treatment is very effective. It is clearly known that laser treatment is successful for other vaginal rejuvenation steps as well. However, when it comes to lifelong permanence, a treatment method that can provide this has not yet been developed. The human body is a living system that develops and changes. Therefore, no matter what the intervention is, it is not possible to prevent gravity-induced tissue sagging forever.

However, it is possible to talk about a permanence period between 6 months and 12 months with the laser technique. Of course, this period may be longer or shorter depending on the anatomical structure of the patient. If there is failure after the first laser treatment, another session can be applied. It is possible to repeat the laser treatment if tissue sagging occurs again after the treatment.

Like vaginal rejuvenation surgery comments, almost all laser non-surgical treatment comments are generally positive. Each of our patients who apply to our clinic are satisfied with their laser treatment. The success rate of the treatment is quite high and it is possible to have an effect after a while. In other words, unfortunately, it is not possible to expect to see a change in the vaginal tissue immediately after laser application. However, you will be able to get the expected effective result from the treatment a few weeks after the application.

For our patients who request vaginal rejuvenation treatment, preliminary examination and preliminary tests must be performed first. Vaginal rejuvenation application for each patient varies depending on the number of sessions or need. For this reason, we can inform our patients about laser vaginal rejuvenation prices only after the number of sessions is determined after preliminary examinations. You can make an appointment by filling out the form on our contact page or by calling our contact numbers. You can also contact us via WhatsApp.

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