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Procedures we use to help prevent premature ejaculation (penile head filling and others)

Penis head filling is a procedure that we apply to our patients who experience premature ejaculation and think that the penis head is small.

Premature ejaculation is a problem seen in 70% of our society. The most important point here is to re-establish the correct communication between the brain and the penis through correct sexuality information, sexual therapies and psychological counseling. This process helps us in behavioral theory.

The most sensitive part of the penis is the glans penis. The second sensitive area is the tongue-shaped area just below. The third area is the area where the bag surrounding the testicles meets.

There are several techniques to reduce this sensitivity. The most common procedure we perform is penile head filling. This procedure is a comfortable and result-oriented procedure with local anesthesia under clinical conditions. We aim to reduce sensitivity by increasing the volume per penis with the individual’s own fat or fillers.

After this process, the maintenance is explained in detail and followed up by our expert team.

Neurotomy is the procedure of cutting the nerves to the head of the penis. Some of our clients describe ejaculation as soon as the penis touches the vagina and the sensitivity is very high. This is called “glans penis hypersensitivity”. In a procedure that takes about 20 minutes under local anesthesia, the nerves that provide the sensitivity of the glans penis are cut. Since this process is irreversible, the process is completed by establishing the right communication with individuals.

Phreniloplasty is the process of removing the tongue-shaped skin protrusion located at the bottom of the penis head at 6 o’clock and suturing it aesthetically. Other minor applications can be made according to the sensitivity of the penis.

Most importantly, however, it is absolutely essential that these treatments are carried out simultaneously with sexual therapies.

The procedure, called penis tip filling, aims to make the penis look thicker than before. It is important to know that this application, also called penile fat injection, is among the genital aesthetic interventions. It is possible to achieve thickness by injecting substances compatible with human anatomy, such as hyaluronic acid, under the penis tissue.

Penile tip filling is a non-surgical technique applied in penis thickening surgery. We recommend this procedure, which can be applied to penis enlargement surgeries, to our patients who apply to our clinic. In this way, we ensure that men and their partners can enjoy more during sexual intercourse. In addition, we can prevent self-confidence problems that develop due to penis thickness.

What is Penile Tip Filling?

Penile filler application is a method that is performed with a simple injection procedure and has a very high success rate. Penis filling is one of the most effective treatments that make the penis thicker than before. This technique is applied to eliminate premature ejaculation problems or penis thickness that is not at ideal levels.

Penis size is one of the most important issues for men. This issue is important not only for men but also for their partners who have sexual intercourse with a man. In order for the pleasure received during sexual intercourse to be satisfactory, penis sizes are expected to be at the ideal level.

Therefore, men whose penis thickness is not ideal have to deal with both sexual satisfaction and self-confidence problems. Penis thickness is also important in terms of ejaculation times. Male patients who do not have ideal penis thickness can apply to our clinic and have thicker penises with fat injection or hyaluronic acid technique.

Why is Penis Thickness Important?

It is a fact that men who want to have a more sexually satisfying relationship pay attention to their penis size. If the penis size is not at the ideal level, it is very difficult for the person to be sexually active enough. Unfortunately, it is inevitable for a person to experience self-confidence problems, especially if they cannot satisfy their partner.

The thickness of the penis is as important as its length. It is important to ensure this for partner satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Therefore, modern medicine has made many important advances in improving penis size.

In our clinic, we can apply various methods to ensure penis thickness. We can provide the ideal thickness for the penis with similar fillings such as the penis tip filling that we apply in the clinic environment.

What should be the ideal penis size and thickness?

The ideal penis thickness is generally determined to comply with world standards. Racial factors are actually one of the most important factors affecting penis sizes. However, considering the majority, it is possible to determine the ideal penis thickness on average. Accordingly, the ideal penis thickness should be at least 10-11 cm at erection level. The ideal penis length is generally measured around 11-13 cm.

How is Penis Filling Done?

With this application, penis thickening treatment method is done by injecting a substance called hyaluronic acid. However, it is also possible to inject fat into the penis with the liposuction technique.

As the name suggests, the filler is applied by injecting the filler material into the area called the head of the penis. In filler treatment, the head of the penis is anesthetized, usually by applying sedation or local anesthesia.

All patients who apply to our clinic for penis tip filling are required to undergo a preliminary examination. Our patients who complain about penis thickness are prepared for treatment after the necessary examinations are performed. The treatment plan, which may vary from person to person, is determined as a result of the preliminary examination.

Both techniques used to add thickness to the penis involve non-surgical applications. These applications, which must be performed in a clinical environment and completely sterile, are our expertise.

Penile Tip Filling with Fat Injection

For penis tip filling, the fat injection technique can be applied first. Fat injection, which is one of the non-surgical penis aesthetic applications, is applied together with the liposuction method.

In this procedure, it is necessary to remove the necessary fat tissues from the person’s belly or leg area. These fatty tissues are applied to the part called the tip of the penis to give the penis a thicker appearance. In this intervention, which is performed by injection, anesthesia is usually performed with local anesthesia or sedation methods.

Penis thickening with fat injection is a procedure that can take between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The fat tissues to be injected into the penis are more than they should be in the first place. The reason for this is that some fat tissues may melt and disappear 6 months after the operation.

Penis Thickening with Penis Filling

Another penis thickening technique is the filling method. A substance called hyaluronic acid is used for penis tip filling. Hyaluronic acid is a substance compatible with the human body and is constantly preferred in the field of beauty and aesthetics. This substance, which brings firmness to the body, is also used in dermal filling applications.

Thanks to hyaluronic acid injected into the tip of the penis, it is possible for the penis to reach the ideal thickness. It is possible to achieve penis thickness in a short time with this treatment, which is also applied using injection. The filling technique does not contain any factors that damage the penis. The application is one of the most successful methods that is non-surgical and provides rapid results.

Is Penile Tip Filling Permanent?

The filling application, which allows the penis to reach the ideal thickness, has a permanence depending on the anatomical structure of the person. The permanence rate in such treatments is generally determined as 1 year. However, for some people, this period may last up to 3 years. If the application does not yield full results, it is possible to make a second application. The filling process can be applied again after 1 year if necessary.

There are some issues that patients should pay attention to after penis tip filling. In order for the filling treatment to be successful, it is important to pay attention to the following conditions:

  • It is recommended not to have sexual intercourse for at least 2-4 weeks after the operation.
  • It is normal for swelling or redness to occur in the penis area after some applications.
  • If fat has been removed by liposuction, it is normal for edema to occur in this area.
  • It is not possible for the filling method to have an immediate effect. After such applications, the patient should give himself some time.

Preliminary examination and necessary tests are required for our patients who apply to us before the treatment process. However, after making an appointment and performing preliminary examinations, we can inform you about the prices of penis tip fillers. You can make an appointment to start the pre-treatment process by calling the contact numbers or filling out the form on our contact page here.

You can call my clinic and make an appointment for our treatments such as penis curvature, penis enlargement or penis prosthesis.

You can also access my Instagram page here and review my posts about my fillers and other treatment applications for the tip of the penis.

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