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Penis Enlargement

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Nowadays, when it comes to penis enlargement, we have different alternative options. However, the most scientifically proven method in this regard is surgical techniques. Especially due to recent developments in the field of health technologies, it has become possible to perform penis enlargement surgery much more successfully.

One of the most common problems men face today is the problem of short penis. Natural penis enlargement process attracts a lot of attention today. The problem of short penis is a physiological phenomenon that develops in men due to many factors. There is a serious decrease in the quality of life of men who have a short penis problem. The primary reason for these declines is, of course, the decrease in the quality of sexual life.

People whose sexual life quality decreases may experience serious problems with their partners. Today, natural penis enlargement is achieved with the help of creams and gels. Organic gels are very useful in this regard. At the same time, penis enlargement condoms have also taken their place in the market today. However, it is also included in surgical methods to enlarge the penis.

How to Enlarge Penis Naturally in 2022

How to Enlarge Penis Naturally?

Natural penis enlargement is a very common procedure. People generally prefer natural penis enlargement when they are below ideal penis size. Today, ideal penis sizes vary between 12 cm and 15 cm. An erect penis should not be below 12 cm. Otherwise, people develop the problem of short penis. Because men who have a short penis problem also experience premature ejaculation problems.

At the same time, it becomes very difficult for them to achieve an erection. Serious problems occur in the use of condoms after erection. Problems may occur while using condoms. Choosing an effective surgical technique for penis lengthening makes it possible to eliminate such problems in a short time.

Penis Enlargement Process Naturally

Nowadays, penis enlargement is known as a type of procedure that is carried out in very easy ways. The success rate of penis enlargement procedures performed with the help of creams and gels is below 50%. For this reason, creams and gels do not offer a definitive solution. In this context, a more precise method comes into play. One of these methods is known as penis enlargement surgery. With penis enlargement surgery, people’s penises can be enlarged by a minimum of 3 cm and a maximum of 5 cm.

During the surgery, people are given general anesthesia. Thus, the person does not feel anything during the surgery and the procedure ends within 1 to 3 hours. After penis enlargement surgery, people are kept in hospitals under observation for 1 day. The next day, people are discharged and sent home. In light of all this information, we can talk about different options when it comes to natural penis enlargement. However, surgery is the most effective method for more effective penis enlargement.

How to Enlarge Penis Naturally in 2022

Penis Enlargement Naturally

There are several ways to naturally enlarge your penis. One popular method is to use penis enlargement exercises. These exercises work to increase the length and girth of your penis by strengthening the muscles and tissues around it.

Another way to naturally enlarge your penis is to use penis pumps. These devices work by creating a vacuum around the penis, which causes it to fill with blood and expand. You can also increase the size of your penis naturally by using male enhancement supplements. These supplements work to increase blood flow to the penis, which helps promote growth.

Penis Enlargement Surgeries

Many men feel insecure about their penis size. This is especially true if they are on the smaller side. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and cause problems in relationships. Some men may feel self-conscious enough to avoid sexual encounters altogether.

There are several ways to enlarge the penis, but surgery is one of the most common methods. Some men choose to have surgery because they want an immediate change in their appearance. Others may think that surgery is the only way to increase their penis size. There are two main types of surgery available: penis lengthening and widening, or girth enlargement. Lengthening surgery involves cutting the ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone.

How Long Should Penis Length Be?

So, what should be the normal penis length? Penis size is approximately 2 cm at birth. While it reaches a length of 6 cm in males before puberty, this figure can reach an average of 10 cm or more after puberty. Erection is an important factor, especially in assessing penis size.

The parts of the penis, which consists of 4 separate parts, are as follows;


This part is the tip area of the penis and the glans in this area is covered with a light-colored tissue. During the circumcision procedure, the skin covering the glans is surgically removed.


It is the name given to the two columns of tissue that extend along the edges of the penis. During erection, this part fills with blood and the penis grows.


This is a column of spongy tissue that passes in front of the penis and ends in the glans section. This place fills with blood during erection and keeps the urinary tract passing through it open.


It is the part where urine is expelled from the body.

What are the Causes of Short Penis?

Additionally, there may be causes of short penis that develop independently of factors that may affect penis length. These are as follows;


Male hormone affects penis size. This hormone is secreted from the brain and testicles and fulfills many sexual function requirements. If enough hormones are secreted, the penis size will also be small. Hormone supplements can be given for the penis that has completed its development but is short in length due to hormone deficiency.


Some operations, such as prostate surgery, cause damage to the penile tissue and nerves, preventing the penis from reaching sufficient size.


Congenital chromosomal disorders will cause the penis to not develop sufficiently.


Penis length is shorter in men with fat around the belly and in the groin area. This is because the beginning of the penis remains within the fat layer in the groin. Generally, this factor does not affect the penis being short, but making it look short. Because if the fat tissue decreases, the penis length is expected to increase by 1-2 cm.


Generally, when penis measurement is not done correctly, it can cause the penis to be perceived as shorter than it is. And especially in penis measurements made in overweight men, erroneous results are encountered more frequently. Pressing the fat layer in the area where the penis meets the groin is necessary to see the full length of the penis. In terms of anatomical features, the fact that the penis does not contain a hard tissue such as bone may also lead to inaccurate measurements.

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