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About Dr. Cem Özlük MD.

Education and Expertise

I started my medical career in 2006 by graduating from Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine. Later, in 2012, I completed my Urology education at Gazi University and became a Urologist.

Mandatory Service and Achievements

During my military service, I performed more than 1500 surgical interventions in Şırnak and received a Distinguished Service Certificate. During this period, I gained significant experience by performing laparoscopic nephrectomy (removal of a cancerous or damaged kidney by laparoscopy) on four different patients.

International Education

I received training in Penoplasty (Penile Surgery) and Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Surgery) in the USA and Italy. By participating in more than 200 plastic surgeries abroad, I had the opportunity to learn and apply the latest techniques. With these experiences, I achieve satisfactory results by performing vaginoplasty and perinoplasty.

Treatment Approaches

I apply treatments according to the latest developments, focusing on infertility, andrology, prostate and varicose veins. With my robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery certificates, I use the most effective techniques in cancer patients and stone surgery.

Sexual Health and Therapy

I specialize in sexual dysfunctions and work in this field on national and international platforms. We successfully apply sexual therapy and surgical procedures in treatment.

Memberships and Participations

I have active memberships in associations such as ESSM (European Society for Sexual Medicine), EFS (European Federation of Sexology), IAP (International Academy of Penoplasty), TAD (Turkish Andrology Association), CİSED (Sexual Health Institute Association).