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O shot orgasm vaccine is a technique also known as genital PRP application and is applied with plasma obtained from the person’s own blood. O shot application is performed by injecting PRP solution into the genital area. O shot orgasm vaccine can be administered to increase pleasure during sexual intercourse and eliminate the inability to orgasm.

Thanks to this technique that we apply in our clinic, we aim to make our patients more self-confident in sexual intercourse. So, what does O shot mean, what is the O-shot orgasm vaccine and how is it applied?

What is That Shot Orgasm Shot?

What does orgasm vaccination mean and why is it done? These shots, called O shot and G Shot, which have pleasure-enhancing properties, contain hyaluronic acid and PRP solutions. G shot vaccine is an application that contains hyaluronic acid and makes sexual intercourse more satisfying. Apart from G-shot, there is also another orgasm vaccine called O-Shot, which is applied with the PRP technique.

The O-shot orgasm vaccine is administered by injecting the rich plasma substance obtained from the person’s own blood into the genital area. In this way, the person’s sexual life can be made more active. At the same time, problems such as sexual reluctance and painful sexual intercourse can be solved with the O-shot vaccine.

How to Get That Shot Orgasm Shot?

For O-shot application, it is important to first check the patient’s general health condition. We first undergo preliminary examinations for our patients who apply to our clinic with problems such as sexual reluctance or dyspareunia. As a result of our examinations, if appropriate, we apply O-shot to our patient.

If the decision is made for O-shot application, we take approximately 15-18 cc of blood from our patient’s arm area. Then, we centrifuge the blood sample we take and turn it into PRP. We inject the PRP we have obtained with special thin-tipped medical syringes into the genital area.

We usually apply O-shot to the anterior vaginal wall, clitoris area and vestibulum area. In this way, we aim to eliminate the sexual reluctance of our patients. We also recommend this application to our patients who experience painful sexual intercourse due to vaginal dryness.

Who Can Get That Shot Orgasm Vaccine?

That shot vaccine is a treatment that we apply to our patients who undergo gynecological examination and suffer from sexual reluctance. Thanks to this technique, we enable our female patients to experience healthier sexual intercourse. We generally prefer to apply this technique in cases of sexual reluctance or pain during sexual intercourse.

We recommend this treatment to our adult female patients who have had sexual intercourse before and feel pain during subsequent intercourse.

Things to Consider for O-Shot Application to be Successful

The comments of those who had that shot taken were always positive. Thanks to the transfer of plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood, the problem of sexual reluctance can be completely eliminated. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to some details in order for the treatment to be successful.

The quality of the medical materials used in PRP application is very important. It is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the features and quality of PRP tubes. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to clinics that offer you prices well below the market.

At the same time, it is important that the person performing the O-shot application is a gynecologist and has expertise in this field. People who perform O-shot must have a certain level of competence in both technical matters and medical knowledge.

You can always choose us for the O-shot vaccine, which we actively apply in our clinic.

Things to Consider After That Shot Orgasm Shot

It is possible that some complications may occur in the genital area after O-shot. It is natural for mild redness and swelling to occur in the area where the vaccine is applied. It may be necessary to wait a few days for the swelling to subside and the redness to disappear completely. However, it is also important to know that such complications are a completely natural process and do not pose any risk to your health.

There is no need for any recovery or maintenance process after the O-shot application. Immediately after the application, our patients can return to their normal daily lives. If 24 hours have passed after the procedure, our patients can also have sexual intercourse. There is only a 1-day restriction in this regard.

There may also be a slight burning and stinging sensation in the genital area after the O-shot. However, this condition is not severe enough to require the use of painkillers. However, if you experience any unexpected effects, it is recommended that you contact our clinic immediately.

Are There Risks of That Shot Orgasm Shot?

That shot orgasm vaccine is one of the applications with the lowest risk factor. In this method, which is applied with plasma obtained from the person’s own blood, non-hurtful, thin-tipped syringes are used. Like other PRP treatments, there are no side effects noted for O-shot. Only redness and swelling may occur in the applied area immediately after the application.

O-shot vaccine, which is not a surgical procedure, does not carry the risk of infection. It is only possible that there is a risk of infection if sterilization rules are not followed during the preparation of the vaccine.

O-shot vaccine or PRP treatment is a risk-free and reliable technique. However, in some rare cases, such treatments are not considered appropriate.

  • People with very low platelet count
  • If any microbes are discovered in the blood
  • People with infection
  • People with any type of cancer in the genital area
  • People with chronic lung disease
  • People who are receiving treatment to prevent blood clots may not receive the O-shot vaccine.

It is recommended that our patients suffering from the above-mentioned conditions inform us about their medical history. We already go through a preliminary examination of each patient who applies to our clinic and decide whether they are suitable for treatment.

You can make an appointment by filling out the form on our contact page or by calling our contact numbers. However, after preliminary examinations, we inform you about the prices of the O shot orgasm vaccine.

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