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Metoidioplasty is one of the surgical techniques for male-female genital reconstruction, which involves the transformation of the patient’s vagina into a penis. In this surgery, it is aimed to enlarge the clitoris with various urological arrangements and to make a penis for the person with the effective use of testosterone hormone. When the hormone testosterone is administered regularly, the clitoris can grow as a natural consequence. Therefore, such surgeries are not artificial limb-building surgeries. The surgical procedure is performed using the individual’s biological transformation process. After the penis construction surgery, the process is completed by placing prosthetic testicles. Many different gender-positive operations can be performed to meet the demands of individuals who want to ensure the full integrity of their sex reassignment surgery using genital surgery methods. Surgical interventions to create a penis for the individual include metoidoplasty and phalloplasty.

During metoidioplasty, the clitoral ligaments are separated so that the clitoris grows and becomes similar to an organ after birth. According to phalloplasty techniques, there will be an image similar to the normal penis (micropenis), but the clitoris is not rigid enough to fully penetrate the vagina during coitus, that is, sexual intercourse. Whether it is a good size for sexual intercourse depends on the expectations of the person. However, most of the time, this is not a matter of concern. Also, depending on the results trans men want to achieve, additional surgeries may be needed, and these additional surgeries can improve the appearance and functional properties of the penis.

Advantages of Metoidoplasty

– More affordable costs for surgery.

– One-stage surgery.

– Shorter recovery time.

– A low probability for complications.

– There is no major scarring after the surgery.

– A natural erection.

– Preservation of the natural sexual sensation of the clitoris on the penis.

It is possible to perform phalloplasty on a transgender person after metoidioplasty surgery has been performed, giving the individual a penis with a natural appearance. One of the reasons why individuals prefer metoidioplasty surgery in female-to-male gender reassignment is that they want to have the ability to urinate standing up. Metoidioplasty can meet the expectations of the individual by providing urethral extension. Although it meets expectations, there is also a risk of creating complications in the urethral lengthening process. While in some cases there are troublesome consequences, the complications are few and far between. These are problems such as urinary obstructions or fistula formations. Metoidioplasty surgery is generally considered a one-stage operation for gender reassignment. Improvements in function and appearance can be achieved with additional surgeries in line with the expectations of the individual and the recommendations of the physician.


Another surgical technique used in penis construction in female-to-male transgender individuals is phalloplasty. Every surgery has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of metoidoplasty and phalloplasty is that they are performed in accordance with the individual’s own preferences and the physician’s recommendations for sex reassignment surgery. It is very important for the person whose gender identity will be confirmed as male to discuss their interests, expectations and priorities during the preoperative consultation process. Metoidioplasty surgery is not always the best option, but it can provide satisfactory results for trans men.

We perform falloplasty surgeries as a team. It is a group of surgeries that is much more difficult than metoidoplasty, with a longer postoperative care period and a higher complication rate. Phalloplasty (phalloplasty), i.e. flap surgery to make a new penis, should be performed. In some cases, several series of operations may be required. Here, the donor, i.e. where the flap will be taken from, should be agreed upon after a detailed consultation, physical examination and mutual discussion. We do not recommend urethral plasty; fistula stenosis formation in the acute period and some urinary system disorders caused by residual urine as a result of incomplete emptying of urine such as frequent urinary tract infections in the following periods can be seen.

Advantages of Falloplasty

It is always erect and has a rigid and rigid neopenia for coitus. Its appearance is different from the normal penis. Although the size varies according to the flap area, they will have a thicker and longer penis compared to metoidoplasty.

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