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Lack of orgasm is among the sexual problems seen in women. How does this disease, known as anorgasmia, disappear?

Everything you wonder about anograsmi…

What is Anosgazmia?

Orgasm in women is defined as reaching the peak of sexual pleasure. With the problems experienced and different reasons, the problem of not having an orgasm may arise. We can explain the answer to the question of what anorgasmia is as a state of not having an orgasm. The inability to reach the climax of sexual pleasure is a problem frequently encountered by our female patients.

Orgasm, which is physiologically seen as having rhythmic contractions in the vagina and uterus, is when women feel a contraction in the vagina and tubes for 3 to 5 seconds. After the climax of pleasure, these muscles stop contracting. Relaxation also occurs in the body. The fact that our patients do not experience this moment is medically called anorgasmia. In the clitoral type, there is no orgasm in any way.

Types of Anorgasmia

There are medically recognized types of non-orgasm. After the examination with our patients, we try to solve the problem by completing stages such as determining the species and examining the causes. So, what are the types of anorgasmia? You should know that it will be much easier to take measures and solve the problem according to the given varieties.

  • Clitoral Anorgasmia: It is the inability to orgasm in any way. Pressure is applied to the clitoris during intercourse. However, the woman is still unable to achieve sexual satisfaction.
  • Coital Anorgasmia: This type is also called vaginal anorgasmia. Women can achieve satisfaction through masturbation. But it is not possible to achieve the same satisfaction in sexual intercourse. Every woman has an orgasm at some point in her life. However, the inability to orgasm afterwards is attributed to physiological and psychological reasons.

After the examination we make to our patients, we act directly according to the type of anorgasmia. In order to find a solution, we conduct detailed interviews in order to diagnose the causes of the problem more easily. We expect the problem to disappear with the medical solutions we have produced for the required problem. If there is no physiological problem, we inform that support should be sought.

What Causes Anorgasmia?

There will always be a reason for the problem of anorgasmia. The causes of anorgasmia include physiological causes and psychological causes. Social reasons can lead to psychological problems. In this case, there is an increased likelihood that the woman will experience anorgasmia.

Physiological reasons include sexual trauma at an early age. In this case, we can also attribute the disorganization of family life to the physiological impact on sexual life. Based on the information provided by our patients in general, we make a diagnosis by conducting our research on why this problem is experienced.

Anorgasmia Treatment

Is it possible to treat anorgasmia in women? The first question our patients ask during the examination is whether there is a cure. We can say that our patients do not need to worry about this. Anorgasmia treatment is realized with the diagnosis and applications we make.

Psychological Causes;

If anorgasmia is a problem, we recommend therapy to solve it. Couples are aimed to overcome these problems with sexual therapy.

Psychotherapy is a different kind of treatment. The aim is to dispel all misconceptions about sexuality. By learning the truth, the person will be able to relax and sexuality will be taken in a normal way. Due to a different view of sexuality, sexual aversion can occur. The solution will be psychotherapy.

Physiological Causes;

If the G-spot and clitoris are not used correctly in sexuality, the problem of not having an orgasm can also arise. In this case, if sexuality is learned in the right way, the problem will disappear.

This problem experienced by people is eliminated with the examinations we make within the scope of anorgasmia treatment methods. Healthy sexuality happens.

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