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Penis Enlargement, Lengthening and Thickening Surgery

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Penis enlargement surgery is an operation preferred by men who find penis length or thickness insufficient during erection. After the operation, the penis length varies between 2 and 4 cm. For this reason, this surgery is frequently preferred today. It is also an application that men are extremely satisfied after the operation. We have compiled comprehensive information about the increasingly popular surgery for you on this page.

After penile aesthetic surgery, the penis can continue its sexual function from where it left off. The surgery does not affect sexual performance positively or negatively in any way. Of course, the experience of the physician who will perform the surgery is very important. Also, this surgery, as with all surgeries, should never be taken lightly. For this reason, it is extremely important for those who are considering penis lengthening surgery to surrender themselves to experienced surgeons in order to get positive results.

You can make an appointment by calling my clinic for penis enlargement surgery in 2023 and you can start the operation process after the preliminary examination for this operation.

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

In fact, penis enlargement surgery is handled as two procedures, both penis lengthening and penis thickening. Of course, people who prefer both of these operations together can have both operations at the same time. However, the operation is also performed separately according to preference. This preference is determined by the patients who apply to us for the operation.

Of course, our patients who are dissatisfied with their penis length may have tried penis lengthening either with medications or naturally before deciding on surgery. However, we would like to emphasize that penis lengthening and thickening can only be achieved through surgical intervention.

In fact, penis surgery can sound scary for men when first considered. However, choosing a method other than surgery for a definitive solution would be a waste of time and money for patients.

It should be noted that most drugs that promise penis enlargement provide short-term effects. In addition, medicines with this type of ingredient usually do not affect growth, but rather thickening. Of course, the drugs used for penis enlargement also have serious harm and side effects on the body. However; the fact that it also affects sexual performance badly is one of its negative consequences.

Penis Aesthetics Before and After Photos

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Many people who want to enlarge their penis resort to penis enlargement exercises. Of course, care should be taken when doing these exercises. One of the exercises is to pull the penis in a horizontal position with the thumb and index fingers. But such methods do not work for a large number of people. It is short term, not long term. Even if a person momentarily thinks that his penis is getting bigger, this is only temporary. Regarding the subject, in fact, on many websites, irrelevant articles have been created with the sole focus of gaining visitors. Exercises in articles prepared by uninformed people can do more harm than good.

Penis Thickening

Penis thickening, as the name suggests, is the surgical thickening of the diameter of the penis. Many people are in search of penis thickening with natural methods. However, many products that claim to thicken the penis in this regard are “money traps”. Penis thickening surgery can generally include penis filling, penis prosthesis, fat transfer procedures. The procedure is among the topics frequently searched by men to increase sexual pleasure between couples. You can contact for more detailed information about the operation and penis thickening prices.

Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis enlargement methods include surgical and non-surgical methods. Thickening surgery and lengthening surgery are among the surgical methods. Non-surgical methods are generally based on exercises. It is short-term. Shock wave therapy, P-shot therapy, vacuum therapy, penis stretching device, natural enlargement are among the different methods. As we have already mentioned, great care must be taken when resorting to such methods.

How is penis lengthening surgery performed?

In general, augmentation surgery is performed in two ways. Penis lengthening and penis thickening operations are both performed with penis enlargement surgery. Of course, a path is determined and followed according to the condition of our patient who applies to us for penis lengthening surgery. In our clinic, there are different methods we apply for augmentation surgery. The most appropriate surgical techniques are preferred for our patients. Of course, there are different methods for extension surgery. The methods are as follows:

  1. Ligamentolysis (surgery to cut ligaments)
  2. Suprapubic Liposuction/Lipectomy,
  3. Penoscrotal Web Correction,
  4. Peno-scrotal Plasty.

As we have mentioned before; before the operation, preliminary examinations are performed on our patient. Depending on the patient’s condition, it is decided which surgery will be performed.

1) LIGAMENTOLYSIS (Ligament Cutting Surgery)

We men only see the outer part of our penis. There is also a continuation of the penis that attaches to the pubic bone, which we call KURURA. The logic in this surgery is to obtain a longer appearance in the penis by separating the fundiform and suspensor ligaments that hang the penis to the pubis, that is, the pelvis. We combine this method with V-Y plasty, the most commonly used skin advancement technique. To prevent the penis from escaping backwards, the pubic bone is sutured using Scarpa’s fascia, which we call inverting suture, or the fascia or tissues next to the inguinal cord. With this technique, since we close the area between the penis and the pubic bone, the penis does not escape backwards. We achieve an average extension of 1.5 cm – 4 cm.

The extension takes approximately 30 minutes. The rate of penile elongation is directly proportional to the depth and width of the ligaments. This lengthening technique is the technique in which the invisible part of the penis is removed and visually active lengthening is achieved.

2) Suprapubic Liposuction/Lipectomy

The upper part of the penis is called the pubic area (groin area). The fat in this area covers the penis and obscures its main visibility. Patients with this kind of complaint usually tell us that “when I sit down, my penis goes inside”. The removal of fat in this area with a closed method using a millimeter incision is called liposuction. If there is excess skin and it is removed by open surgery according to the anatomical condition of the person, it is called lipectomy.

When these fats are removed, the patient’s penis will become more visible. Depending on the anatomical condition and examination of the individual, it is combined with ligamentolysis (cutting of the suspensory ligaments).

Since the lymph tissues in the pubis region are high, it is quite natural for edema to occur after the operation. We recommend corset use and rest after the operation.

The operation takes an average of 30 minutes, although it extends in direct proportion to the individual’s pubis, that is, pubic fat.

3) Penoscrotal Web Correction

This technique is the aesthetic removal and suturing of the curtain-shaped skin between the penis and the bag surrounding the ovary. It can usually occur due to a circumcision error or congenital causes. It illusionally makes the penis look bigger. It is a technique in which a completely passive extension is achieved. Because there is no ligament at the bottom of the penis that hangs or holds the penis. Simultaneous scrotoplasty can also be performed to narrow the bag. Extension with this technique takes an average of 30 minutes. It can be combined with other techniques.

4- Peno - Plasti scrotal

Another penis lengthening surgery is the operation called Peno – scrotal Plasty. This operation is performed when the junction of the penis and scrotum is abnormal. One of the very rare conditions that we see in some men is that the skin of the scrotum is adhered to the penis. In this case, men’s penises may appear short. However, thanks to the operation we apply and after the operation, our patients have a significant lengthening of the penis length.

The skin is corrected with a peno-scrotal plasty operation. The actual length of the patient’s penis is revealed. This leads to an elongation of the penis.

How to Make Penis Thickening?

Of course, this surgery does not only consist of penis lengthening surgeries. Men who are satisfied with their penis length but complain about its thickness want to have penis thickening surgery. Generally, we recommend the liposuction technique to our patients who want penis thickening.

Penis thickening can be achieved with 3 different methods; fat injection, composite tissue transfer or fillers can be used. Both the most preferred and the most reliable filling material is the fat graft we obtain from the tissue we take from our patient. This application is primarily preferred for our patients who want penis thickening.

During this application, fat tissues taken from the abdominal region of our patient are prepared by liposuction method. It is also injected around your own penis. After the application, the oil can be permanent for approximately 5 – 6 years. Within the first 6 months after the injection, the body can absorb some of the fat. Some of our patients may request a repeat injection for this reason. However, excess fat injection can cause problems.

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery a Painful Procedure?

So, is penis enlargement surgery painful? No. Surgery is an operation performed under anesthesia. Therefore, our patients do not feel pain & soreness during surgery. However, pain or soreness may be felt after the surgery, depending on the method we apply in the surgery.

Generally, in the first week after penis thickening, our patients may have pain in the abdomen. This is due to the removal of fat from the abdominal area of our patients with liposuction. Of course, in such cases you can contact us and use the painkillers we will prescribe. In addition, it is not uncommon for our patients to experience pain in the penis or penis area after penis lengthening surgery.

Recovery After Penis Enlargement Surgery

So, what is the healing process after augmentation surgery? After the operation is completed, our patient can be discharged on the same day. After augmentation surgery, healing in the tissues is seen after an average of 3 weeks. Immediately after the surgery, you should definitely not take a shower. Especially in the first week, showers, saunas and sunbathing should be avoided.

Driving should be avoided for the first week after surgery. Travel should be avoided. However, if the patient works in a job that does not use muscle strength and does not strain him/herself, he/she can return to work after 2 weeks. People with a heavy and fast-paced work life are recommended to rest for 30 days. Physical activities can be started 2 weeks after the end of the operation. You can engage in physical activities that are not intense and brisk.

When Should Sexual Intercourse Occur After Penis Enlargement Surgery?

We would especially like to point out that; Penis enlargement surgeries are not surgeries that affect the function of the penis. The procedures performed in these surgeries, which cause changes in the physical appearance of the penis, are far from the tissue, nerves and vessels of the penis. Of course, the actions taken do not affect any of these.

It is unlikely that you will experience any erection problems, premature ejaculation or decreased sexual desire after the surgery. Penis enlargement surgery will not cause any problems in your sexual performance, nor can it eliminate your existing problem. Enlargement is an aesthetic operation performed by focusing on the appearance of the penis.

Of course, apart from all these operations, penile prosthesis surgery, also called happiness bar, is performed in our clinic when necessary and when our patients request it.

Op. Dr. Cem Özlük – You can read my current posts about penis thickening and lengthening operations on my Instagram page and follow my page.

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