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First of all, you will be answered as to what the disease you are wondering about is. The answer to the question “What is interfility?” is given. Insufficient sperm count in men is called this. The medically given name means insufficient sperm during ejaculation. If the sperm count is insufficient to have a child, this disease is diagnosed. You can have sexual intercourse without protection for a year. But there is no child. When we look at the problem of not having children in married couples, according to the research results, it is observed that 15% of them have this problem. In other words, the reason why a child is not possible is due to the insufficient number of sperm in the man. We can say that many patients have reached us to solve this problem. After the examination, there will be stages such as making a diagnosis and clearly deciding on the treatment method. Necessary action will be taken to eliminate this problem.

How to Diagnose Infertility?

How do we diagnose this problem seen in men? There are many methods that have been established for diagnosis and are successful. With the application of these methods, we come to conclusions about male infertility. This problem, known as the problem of not having enough sperm in ejaculation in men, is diagnosed through various analyses.

  • First, a manual physical examination can be performed.
  • Sperm analysis can be performed.
  • There may be hormone analysis.
  • Diagnosis can be made by ultrasonography.

It is possible to achieve this result by applying only one of the methods given above. We make decisions entirely based on the patient’s condition. It is also important what kind of request the patient has at this point. It is possible to diagnose the disease and take necessary action after the analyzes will be performed in a way that does not disturb the patient in any way.

Whose Problem Is It?

Most of the time, if couples do not have children, the problem is who has the problem. So, should women or men receive treatment for this issue first? Social pressure causes men not to want to be examined. However, by breaking down these taboos, we ensure that our patients can reach us in any way they wish. Solving sexual problems without delay will prevent major problems that may arise in the future.

Early diagnosis

The important thing is not who has the problem, but the early diagnosis of the infertility problem. With early intervention, it will be much easier to eliminate the problem. It would be advantageous for men and women to apply for treatment for the problem of not having a child directly.

Why Does Male Infertility Occur?

So, what could be the cause of infertility in men? Studies have shown that infertility in men may have many causes. We can say that some of the causes of infertility include hormonal disorders, genetic and family problems, varicocele, previous inflammatory diseases, and obstruction in the sperm duct.

  • Blockage of sperm duct
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Genetic problems
  • Having had inflammatory and febrile diseases

It may be possible to take precautions for this situation beforehand, taking into account reasons such as these. In general, the diagnosis of the problem will be possible by eliminating these problems among the causes of infertility in men.

What is the Effect of Varicocele in Infertility?

There is a varicocele effect for infertility in men. Varicocele is the name given to varicose veins in the male testicles. In this case, the person’s sperm is insufficient. Since this type of disease has the most responsive treatment, we can say that it will be easy for our patients to have children after applying to us. Since there is a blockage problem in the vein on the left side of the testicles, sperm is transported backwards. This situation creates a change in the number and quality of sperm. By solving this problem, pregnancy will be possible.

Male Infertility Treatment Methods

So, how is the treatment given for our patients experiencing this problem? After diagnosis, drug treatment will be given first. Duct obstruction is a condition that is generally resolved by surgery. If we have diagnosed our patient with duct obstruction, we recommend surgery as soon as possible. Decreasing sperm count and administering hormonal drugs to the patient are the stages of treatment. When completed, the aim is to eliminate the problem. Finally, we can say that the in vitro fertilization method is a method we consider for couples to have children. The sperm found in the laboratory environment will be deposited into the woman’s uterus. In this way, having a child can be achieved through in vitro fertilization treatment.

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