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Genital Whitening

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Genital whitening has been preferred in recent years to eliminate the bad appearance that occurs after the vagina and its surroundings darken. The most commonly used technique in whitening application, which is carried out using different techniques, is known as laser whitening. It’s time to learn every detail about this application, also known as vagina whitening and vulva whitening!

What is Vagina Whitening?

Although whitening of the genital area is called by different names, vulva whitening should be considered the most accurate term. Because vulva refers to the external genital area. Medical intervention is performed to lighten the color of the darkened or even darkened genital area. Although the reasons are very different, it is possible to achieve a quality appearance thanks to this application called genital whitening.

Causes of Darkening of the Vagina

The vagina or vulva has a darkening structure that is affected by environmental factors. For this reason, it is possible that the bruising seen on the skin may occur due to age, pregnancy and hormonal changes. Here, it is more important to evaluate whether there is a disease rather than determining the causes. Because a disease in the vaginal area can negatively affect the partner as well as the woman.

When looking at the causes of vaginal darkening, it is possible to consider the following factors. In this context, it is possible to prevent darkening of the vagina and to get rid of the suspicion of the disease.

  • Constantly choosing synthetic underwear,
  • Using daily pads
  • Tight clothing preference
  • Using creams that will disrupt the skin’s pH balance.

While the above factors are effective in color change, laser epilation and the use of depilatory cream are also very important factors in genital whitening.

What are the diseases that cause genital darkening?

Some diseases that occur in the genital area make you need genital whitening service. For this reason, you need to know the disorders in question well. Disorders that both trigger visual problems and negatively affect your health are as follows.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Hormone-Secreting Tumor in the Adrenal Gland
  • Cushing Syndrome
  • Insulin Resistance

All these problems negatively affect your health and cause you to need genital whitening. Then, you should know that genital darkening is a good symptom to suspect these problems.

How is Genital Whitening Done?

Laser procedures are performed to eliminate darkening in the genital area. Thanks to laser, it is aimed to warm the skin and increase collagen synthesis. In this context, up to 40% color lightening is achieved along with the peeling of the skin. It should be noted that color lightening applications performed in a single session are generally 5-minute operations.

Are There Any Side Effects After Vagina Whitening?

The purpose of whitening applications, which will be preferred to provide a better quality appearance to the genital area, is purely visual. In this context, the aim is to ensure that the visual quality is perfect and that the patient is not harmed. At this point, the use of laser ensures both quality results and no negative effects.

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