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What is Vaginal Discharge and Vaginal Odor?

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What is vaginal discharge and vaginal odor? Vaginal discharge is the name given to the fluid secreted from small glands in the cervix and vagina. This secreted fluid flows from the vagina to destroy old cells and debris. This situation is extremely normal and helps keep the reproductive system and vagina healthy. The amount of vaginal discharge varies from person to person. For this reason, individuals with a lot of discharge may think that this situation is normal. However, this is not true. Color, amount and texture of vaginal discharge vary from person to person.

When Does Vaginal Discharge Occur?

Vaginal discharge generally occurs at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. There is an increase in the amount of discharge closer to the menstrual period. In addition, it can be said that vaginal discharge is also observed after the end of menstruation. During the maturation of the eggs, white or yellow discharge may occur. This discharge is felt as a sticky consistency by women.

What Causes Vaginal Discharge?

Contrary to popular belief, vaginal discharge is not a sign of disease. Of course, if there is no abnormality in its color or smell. Vaginal discharge in women is a sign of a healthy body. It can be mentioned that vaginal discharge is much more intense during ovulation or sexual intercourse. Discharge, which is the body’s method of cleaning and protecting the vagina, occurs during sexual arousal to make intercourse more perfect.

In addition, women’s use of birth control pills, regular exercise and stress are among the factors that affect discharge. Vaginal discharge that is not at a normal level may be a symptom of a urinary tract infection. Abnormal discharge; We can describe it as smelly, inflammatory in nature and close to green in tone. In addition, discharge that exceeds the normal amount is also an issue that should be taken into consideration. If the discharge is accompanied by fever, weight loss, abdominal pain and itching, a gynecologist and obstetrician should be consulted.

How to Treat Vaginal Discharge?

Various tests are performed to detect abnormalities in the smell, structure and color of the discharge. As a result of these tests, the abnormality of the discharge can be determined. Fungus and injection are among the main causes of discharge. Your doctor will apply a treatment according to the identified problem. Pills, creams and suppositories are among the general treatment methods. In addition, great attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the vagina.

What is Vaginal Odor? Why Does It Happen?

Vaginal odor is often accompanied by discharge. The presence of bacteria in the lactobacillus group in the vagina causes odor. These bacteria take the sugar in the blood, break it down and turn it into lactic acid. The smell of lactic acid is also expressed as genital odor. Vaginal odor is generally a sign of infection. In some cases, genital odor is considered normal. However, it is very important to apply a treatment method for a very bad smelling vagina. The reasons may be diabetes, AIDS and not paying attention to the cleanliness of the area. At this point, your doctor will perform various examinations and tests on the subject and apply a treatment method.

If you are complaining about vaginal odor and discharge problems, you are at the right place. Don’t forget that you can benefit from the advantages of the best treatment method by contacting our specialist doctor in this field.

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