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Vaginoplasty surgery is a treatment for loosening or sagging of the muscles and tissues of the vagina. Vaginoplasty, a surgical operation, is also known as vaginal tightening. This technique, which gives more control to the vaginal muscles, also positively affects sensitivity and sexual experience.

Vaginoplasty surgery is an effective method both in eliminating sexual disorders and in preventing conditions such as urinary incontinence. Vaginoplasty, one of the most popular treatments we perform in our clinic, can completely eliminate vaginal enlargement.

What is Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Vaginoplasty surgery is an application that eliminates the relaxation of the vaginal muscles for various reasons and the sagging of the tissues. In women who have given birth normally, tissue and muscle prolapse can occur both in the muscles of the vagina and in the pelvic floor. Dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse may also occur due to enlargement of the vagina. At the same time, conditions such as urinary incontinence in women are also seen with vaginal enlargement.

Vaginoplasty surgery is one of the most important genital aesthetic applications that have been actively practiced in recent years. This treatment, which eliminates genital area problems, will also increase the patient’s quality of life. Vaginoplasty operation can be performed together with genital rejuvenation applications depending on the situation. Vaginoplasty has an important place among the applications called total vaginal rejuvenation.

We also recommend this technique to our female patients to eliminate their sexual problems and restore their self-confidence. Vaginoplasty can eliminate 100% of the vaginal sagging and enlargement that is likely to occur especially after normal delivery.

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Who Can Have Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Vaginal tightening is one of the solutions frequently used by women with tissue sagging in the genital area. Just like other parts of the human body, sagging skin can also occur in the vaginal area. This situation negatively affects both the physiology and sexual life of women.

Women with tissue sagging in the vaginal area may prefer vaginoplasty by applying to our clinic. Both women in the aging process and women who have already experienced normal childbirth can benefit from this practice.

It is also important that our patients who apply to our clinic with a request for vaginoplasty are adults. Such genital aesthetic applications are not applied to women younger than 18 years of age unless there is a vital situation.

In addition, vaginoplasty surgery is not a treatment for women whose general health condition is not favorable. All patients who come to our clinic will undergo a general preliminary examination before starting the operation. As a result of the first examinations, if the health condition of our patient is appropriate, then a road map is prepared for the operation.

In addition to all these, our female patients who feel deficient in sexual pleasure and who have loss of sensitivity in the vaginal area can also apply to our clinic. It is a fact that sexual life gains momentum after vaginoplasty. Our female patients who cannot experience sexual satisfaction due to tissue sagging and vaginal enlargement can reach the level of satisfaction after surgery.

How is Vaginoplasty Surgery Performed?

Vaginoplasty is a procedure performed under general or local anesthesia. When deciding on vaginal tightening operations, of course, a preparation process awaits our patient. In genital aesthetic applications, it is often necessary to create personalized operation plans.

Vaginoplasty surgery is an application that takes an average of 1 – 2 hours under general anesthesia. In some cases, local anesthesia or sedation can be applied to our patients instead of general anesthesia. We will be able to decide on this with the preliminary examinations we carry out.

Vaginoplasty, a surgical procedure, aims to recover the sagging muscles behind the vagina. Apart from this, the sagging vaginal skin tissue is also recovered by operations. Of course, for all these, small incisions in the vaginal area of our patient are necessary. The incisions made for vaginoplasty may disappear invisibly in the future.

Vaginoplasty surgery is an application with a very high permanence rate. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely avoid muscle and tissue sagging in the human life cycle. In other words, even years after the operation, another application can be performed if necessary.

Preparation Process Before Vaginoplasty

There is a preparation process for vaginoplasty, which takes the lead among genital aesthetic applications. It is important for our patients to pay attention to the following conditions before surgery:

Alcohol and smoking should be stopped before surgery. Otherwise, this may lead to the risk of postoperative infection.

  • It is also recommended not to use aspirin or painkillers for a while before surgery.
  • Our patients should definitely have tests such as urine and pap smear before the day of surgery.
  • You must eat at least 10 hours before the operation. A 10-hour fasting period is required for surgery.
  • It is also important for our patients to have a pregnancy test before the operation. Genital aesthetic procedures such as vaginoplasty are absolutely not suitable for pregnant women.

Things to Consider After Vaginoplasty

After vaginoplasty surgery, it is important that our patients pay attention to the recovery and care process. It is normal to have swelling, edema and redness in the vaginal area after the operation. All these will disappear completely approximately 1-2 weeks after the operation.

After surgery, our patient can be discharged on the same day. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to keep our patients under observation in a clinical setting for at least 1 day. It is also very important to contact our clinic immediately if you experience any unexpected effects after the operation.

Vaginoplasty, which is a surgical procedure, carries a risk of infection. As in every surgical procedure, it is essential to pay attention to the cleanliness of the genital area in this procedure. Otherwise, the vaginoplasty area may become infected.

It is normal to see a little bleeding in the genital area after the operation. If the bleeding is severe, you should contact our clinic immediately.

Sexual intercourse after vaginoplasty surgery

Sexual intercourse is one of the most important issues to be considered after the surgery. Since vaginoplasty surgery is a procedure applied directly to the vagina, sexual intercourse should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks. During sexual intercourse, the stitches may be damaged and bleeding may occur in the treated area. In addition, sexual intercourse may carry the risk of infection to the operated area.

In addition to sexual intercourse, it is recommended that you take a break from active sports for a while after surgery.

After vaginoplasty, there may be a slight feeling of pain or soreness. If the pain is unbearable, then it is advisable to contact our clinic and talk to us. You can also try using the painkillers we have given you to minimize the pain or aching sensation.

Vaginoplasty, as we have already mentioned, is a surgical procedure. Therefore, as with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks involved in vaginoplasty. The most important of these risks are the complications that may develop after surgery. After surgery, it is important to pay attention to the care process to avoid any side effects or complications.

The requirements for vaginoplasty are different for each patient. For this reason, prices for vaginal tightening surgery can only be determined after preliminary examinations before the surgery. You can make an appointment for preliminary examinations by calling my contact numbers or filling out the form on my contact page here.

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